Monday, July 23, 2007


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Sunday, July 22, 2007


I'll not be writing in this blog anymore because I'll be writing in a new blog which is yet to be created.I hope you'll be a bit patient for the new blog.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

A night of talents

I think this is my first formal dinner I went to.It was the Talent Night of Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah,Putrajaya.I was invited by Farah.Actually,Farah's childhood friedns is in that school so their mum invited Farah.Because Mama Pu*i didn't go,Uncle Patr**e drove us there with Luqman,Sarah,Kh**ijah-Farah's best friend.Kak Fatihah and Abang Ferhan was there too.Because I was the only one at the table who had a camera,Farah asked me to take lots of pictures of the event,so I did!Our table was table number 9.The table was at the back of the wind orchestra but a bit farther so we heard them playing clearly.Their performances were very good.I would give them 10/10.The first performance was pantun which was recited by four people who won 1st place in the Putrajaya section.Later,it was followed by Tarian Zapin.Tarian Zapin is a dance from Johor.I recorded a video of them performing so you can see what they have in store.Sorry for the unsteady video.It was hard to keep my hand steady because I had to lift the camera high because the people in front of us were in the way.Their dance was very interesting and they danced to a song by Noraniza Idris.

While eating,some of us at table number 9 were very mischievous....Kak Fatihah and Abang Ferhan were eating oranges and still had the time to strike a pose for me.After the Tarian Zapin was a drama.It was about a guy who was constantly gambling until he had no money left to pay his debts.He then decided to borrow money from an Ah Long.He took a while to decide whether or not to borrow money from the Ah Long because he knew if he couldn't pay the Ah Long he would loose the person he loved the most,his older brother.Suddenly he made the desicion to borrow money from the Ah Long and reminded himself to pay the amount of money he borrowed as soon as he wins money from gambling.Unfortunately,he lost and the Ah Long's thugs beated him up and brought him to the Ah Long.The Ah Long then continued beating him up and told him that they've already killed his older brother and that's the end of the drama.The guy who was acting the role of the person who borrowed the money from the Ah Long was really crying-yes,not Eyemo!

As the drama finished,the Jazz club gave a performance.Hope you can recognise the song they were playing.
After that,the wind orchestra performed another performance.Apparently they won national level and their conductor won the best conductor award.I think they were performing Russian Christmas.
Then there was another performance on the acheivements of their school.Didn't manage to get pictures of it though,the performance was very awesome until I forgot about taking pictures!At the end of the dinner,we went back home after chatting with Farah's childhood friends.I arrived home around 2 a.m. because we had to send Sarah and then sed Farah's friend home then send me.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Vintage art in makro shots

The title has nothing to do with having a dSLR and also Macro lenses. It's just a mode on my camera which is called 'Close-Up' and it's a bit similar with having makro lenses and all that but it can't take pictures that near.

I now have a new best friend,Artline 990XF Silver marker pen.Mum bought it for me because I've already been wanting it for a very long time.Along with it,I also asked mum to buy me a piece of black manila card which I still haven't used because I don't remember what I wanted to do with it.On with the marker pen,I created a small-well not that small design of a vintage designed border and in the centre,a crown and underneath it, "S.Bucket" which stands for Star Bucket-a nickname Sa**h a.k.a Happy Bomber gave to me because I love Starbucks and then she threw out the 'S' at the end of Starbucks and put an 'ET' at the end so it becomes Starbucket.

This is what I did and actually I didn't think of the border but because it looked so plain,I drew the vintage border which looks like this.....

I don't think it's a nice peice of art really.Later,I added another one on the bottom-left hand side which looks like this....

The one on the left was a bit bigger than the one on the right but I'm satisfied with it.I've just realised that I'm quite good at memorising designs.On Thursday,I helped draw this design onto this Health Education thing and they were amazed,"How'd you do it?" I told them,"I looked at the cover of a book I was reading," and they asked,"Where is it?" I told them,"I've already memorized it of course." and they went, "oohhhh..."

BTW,Dad,Mum,don't get mad.I seem to enjoy drawing designs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New office,new sunset

This is the view of the sunset from my dad's new office on Level 3,AmpWalk.I was bored at that time andsince I had nothing to do,I stood by the window and watchet the sun go down.As the sun went down,I also managed to snap a lot of shots of it.It took only about half an hour for the sun to go down.Was really a memorable moment for me.

The sun colours the sky as a farwell token for us here on this side of the earth.

BTW,I won the essay competition!2nd place.Mr Ch*r says that our essays shouldn't have been judge because different people have different ideas.